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Live Chat Platforms are best to Release Stress

Are you fed up of your boring life? If yes please just find out some perfect and attractive online chat rooms to explore the new dimensions of the world and spend your free time in excellent ways. Such platforms have created so that people come, join and create accounts to enjoy their good time. Millions of people use chat rooms to do their business, shop goods and find out the best partners. Online chat rooms are readily accessible to everyone and no restriction is so strong to keep you away but just you.

With the invention of latest technology, people have started using various forums where they get in contact with new people all around the world. There are people from every corner of the world and you will be amazed to know the person you were talking lives a street next to your house. It seems very splendid to communicate people who have qualities and nature just like you.

If you want to join online chat rooms, just search some good websites like Yahoo or others. You will see a list of many platforms with different categories. There are usually categories according to age, gender, interest, areas and other traits of the people. You select a one that seems attractive to you and just start off.

There are many benefits and demerits of online chat rooms. The advantages might be like you don’t need to go anywhere to look around for the people and partners. These are not expensive and what you are supposed to have is just a stable internet connection. The diversity in people nature lets you select one among many. Additionally, you can find people who you might have never met in the otherwise case. Frankly speaking, these rooms are very fascinating to me and especially for the teens and kids.

The disadvantages of chat rooms can’t be ignored. Here people like cyber bullies, miscreants and other sexual abusers might get in contact with you. They may send you unwanted stuff and messages. Often when people went to meet their match, they suffered some lost like they were kidnapped, raped, spiked or even they can lose their lives as well. These are dangerous but if you are a regular use, you will know the limits and care tips.

How to choose a best LG mobile

So you need a smartphone, and you require it now. Perhaps it’s your first phone, maybe your contract is up for renewal, or perhaps you just dropped the last one in the toilet. There are a lot of good options out there and a quick guide about how to choose a LG smartphone that should help you out. Buying a LG cell phone means going into a deeply personal relationship with an exceptionally compact physical object. That is the reason you should think hard about how it’s designed, since you and it will be getting to know one another. Ensure you’re OK with the way it looks and this is imperative feels in your hand, and make sure that your phone-to-be reflects your personal sense of style. This is as valid for smooth metal handsets and basic flip telephones as it is for rubber-plated rugged handsets.


lg mobile


You’ll adore the straightforward functions and visually powerful dynamic, intuitive experience that a touch screen LG phone brings to offer. Unique LG mobile portable accessories that are stylish upscale and functional. They make impeccable companions for your LG cellular telephone and give an advancing background. Pick a LG mobile intended for a definitive handheld multimedia experience, including mobiles that let you transfer video, photographs and music via Wi-Fi to different device, such as TV or like a laptop. Discover quick, simple and consistent portable mobile solutions from LG.

A phone’s camera quality depends upon an entire host of variables. . More megapixels will constantly stable better on an actuality sheet. Look at the most recent Laser Auto Focus camera, phone Clear Memo Capture, which captures text, handwritten notes and drawings with greatest clarity. Snap great selfies with the noteworthy Selfie Camera. The sensor itself may likewise offer a lower pixel count, yet be more touchy to brightening, bringing about better execution in low-light conditions. Accessories From batteries, Circular-Shaped Smart watch, to travel connectors and everything in the middle of, LG offers the ideal mates for your phone. You can even add some style to your LG versatile with a smooth protective case. In Pakistan, is best for LG Mobiles.

From mobiles with upgraded innovation technology for the best multimedia experience, to mobile devices that keep it simple, LG has something to fit your lifestyle. Search Android mobiles, and in addition touch screens, camera telephones and that’s only the tip of the more. Don’t forget to customize your mobile with all the latest LG mobile accessories. From mobiles powered by Android to those with state-of-the-art cameras, LG flip mobiles brag components that let you tweak your mobile experience. Choose from an array of sleek styles and functional extras and find your ideal GSM mobile. From mobiles with upgraded innovation for the best mixed media experience, to cell phones that keep it straightforward, LG has something to fit your lifestyle. Browse Android, as well as touch screens, camera phones and more. Don’t forget to customize your mobile with all the latest LG mobile accessories.

Top Free Internet Services Ever [Updated December, 2017]

Free Internet Service

The internet is the most common technology in this day and age that is now being used by billions of people all across the globe. Internet is basically a worldwide system of interconnected computer networks that link billions of devices worldwide. Now people use to say that the internet belongs to everyone, it has revolutionized the whole mankind life circle. Therefore, these days internet has become an obligatory need or should I say basic human need. For the reason that the internet has so much to offer and host plenty of free internet services, which allow its users to access and perform countless things via it while sitting anywhere at any time – just needing working internet connectivity alongside the source devices (Compute, Mobile Phone, Tablet).

Social Networking:

Now day’s social networking has evolved as a gigantic phenomenon ever since Facebook was launched in 2004, which is now being used by 1.44 billion monthly active users recorded in March 31, 2015. After Facebook a micro blogging site Twitter also becomes an instant hit social networking internet hosted free service – since its launching in 2006. Although, there are several other social networking portals are also available for user to use for free, but Facebook is the most used social networking platforms because of its offered features. The features like instant chatting, messaging, getting instant notification of latest activity of your friends or likes pages makes it the most amazing free internet social networking platform allowing its users to connect with any other registered user.

Audio and Video Hosting:

YouTube is the most used video hosting, free internet service that is being used by billion of users, providing the hosting facility for millions of registered users to upload any video content as well as viewing facility to any internet users with even registering on it. The internet also provides free audio streaming services as well, which is offered by various popular sites like Spotify, SoundCloud. These websites allow its user to upload and listen to any audio song or other kind of audio files they like for free.


Free SMS to Pakistan

Free SMS Sending:

Amongst many other free internet services there are some handy free SMS websites are also available for any user to get access and send free SMS to Pakistan to any network. Not only in Pakistan, there are some other websites also exists online, which lets its users to send free SMS to various other countries mobile numbers as well. This internet based service is one of the most handy one for the reason that its users to send free SMS internationally that too for free.

Download Services:

Sites like dropbox, Google drive and others are a great way to download files for free. You’re not required to download with torrents always, just download files using idm crack and enjoy everything freely.

Email Services:

Email service was introduced in the year 1993 that has now become one of the most required official and unofficial methods to exchange digital messages using internet. Now there are many email service providers are offering free of charge email accounts, however, most used one are Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

Ending Thoughts:

Above mentioned ones are just few of the noteworthy free internet services available for any users, there are plenty of other, which offers most useful various category services to users to extract benefit out of them as per their consent.

Free Ways To Communicate With Family

The most precious thing in every individual life is normally people, who are close to him foremost are definitely our families. For the reason that these are the one who remains constantly there for you in every way to help support you to be a better and successful human being – in this vein, they sacrifice a lot so that you could achieve and gain in life what you desire the most. Therefore, it’s important to give back to them what they deserve from you by any means even if it is just perpetual communication regarding every aspect of life – where you need guidance.

Communication ways of people living abroad

So, for this purpose for remaining in contact with your family, if you travel often out of station or either permanently settled far away from your family – there are lots of freeways available now days to communicate with your family back home aptly. Like, countless Pakistanis make use of free SMS to Pakistan feature offered online to say what they want to say to their family members even from overseas.

Modern Day Free Communication Ways:

In this current day and age, we have come a long way as far as the technology tools available for us now to get connected with anyone, from anywhere, at any time. The scenario has changed drastically since the last decade or so, in view of the fact that the firstly heavy internet proliferation took place, then telecommunication brought revolution in how people use to make contact with others before and the most recent one is the Smartphone’s inspection and unbelievable modernization with immense penetration.

Therefore, now all thanks to all above cited growth of technologies, now there are plenty of free, easy to access and use ways available to communicate with people you want. Let me extract some of the easiest and free means to communicate with people you like as I was hinting toward Smartphone modernization, it happened not only in the form of continuous updated in operating systems – but actually their applications have made them the most unique, handy device of today. These, apps developed and available for all leading Smartphone platforms, including most used Android, Apple iOS, and for Windows Phones as well. There are several communication category apps out there available for free for every user, like popular WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Messenger by Facebook and some other leading one. All these apps let user to send free instant messages as well as allow them to make quality free voice calls as well to any other registered users with the same application.

On the other hand, how can we forget the internet driven websites most importantly the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. These renowned social networking websites also permit their users to communicate with their family and friends and even any other people through their offered features for free. To use these apps you are just required to just sign up and kick start making communication with people you want and utter your thoughts adequately – just requiring a working internet connection.

Thus, if the modern day technology has made it so simple and free of charge to communicate with people you love and care the most, then why not utilize them – to show your possessiveness towards them.

Study: Internet Users Spend Hefty Time Using Facebook Owned Services Including WhatsApp

According to a study made by the UK’s communication regulator known as ofcom, who determined the internet data usage preferences and gadget usage pattern – revealed that Facebook owned websites and Smartphone apps are most popular amongst users. Although, these stats are gathered from UK base users only, but if we gaze at other countries internet and Smartphone user preference we bet the results would also be similar. The reason of this endeavor that millions of users spend plenty of time using these web and Smartphone base services which include WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Comscore FB and Whatsapp Stats

Millions of users are in love with these Facebook own services because they offer such amazing feature that you don’t find from any other enterprise. Take the example of WhatsApp, this one app has become so popular that every Smartphone user has a registered profile on it and its user base has climbed up to 850 million – and still growing. The features which make Facebook owned WhatsApp so popular is its utility communication features as well as status posting option that lets users to set cool Whatsapp status on their profiles.

Coming back to this recent study the figures are staggering, showing that only in the Month of March 2015, internet users from UK spent 51 billion minutes on Facebook own services from their PCs Smartphone’s and tablets. On the other hand, tech giant Google services encompassed attention of UK users for only 34 billion minutes, which is a hell of a difference in comparison with Facebook owned services.

Furthermore, it merits mention here that WhatsApp was the most downloaded iOS and Android Play Store app in this time period, when the study was made in Mach 2015 in the UK. And following most downloaded ones were Facebook and Facebook Messenger, which are obviously owned by Facebook as well. The study then also told that Facebook remained to be the biggest social network that got 40.7 million unique visitors in the UK during the month of April 2015. Keep in view that Twitter, which is another popular micro blogging social site – it only managed to persuade 21.6 million unique visitors in this time.

Source: ComScore