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5 Advantages of using PayPal for online Shopping

PayPal is the world’s largest online payment processor. After its successful partnership with EBay, many online merchants across the Internet now accept PayPal as their most preferred methods of payment. If you never used PayPal, you may wonder why over 95% of the online buyers and merchants use PayPal for buying goods online. For this reason, I would like to highlight 5 advantages of using PayPal for online shopping.

Online Shopping

Advantages of PayPal for Online Shopping

1) Credit Card Security

When you sign up for PayPal you also enter your bank and credit card details from which you wish to buy things online. Once you do this, there is no need to disclose your credit card information online. PayPal makes secure payment, and deducts charges from your credit card along with a small fee. This also keeps your credit card info private, and you won’t have to worry about hackers.

2) Flexibility

With PayPal you won’t have to face any hassle of credit card decline when trying to purchase goods and services online. You can setup multiple bank accounts and credit cards in a single PayPal account. So if you are short of cash on either of your bank accounts, you can choose a different one. Moreover, as a backup, you can also keep some extra cash in your PayPal’s account balance. This kicks all the fuss of declined credit cards due to insufficient balance.

3) Send Money

Apart from online purchasing you can also send money to a friend or family member. If you have taken freelancing services from a local person, you can also send money to his PayPal account. PayPal is just like your online bank account from which you can get paid for services offered or pay for goods you like. In this you can save from tax of costly money sending services like Western Union, etc.

4) Pay through your mobile

PayPal is the world’s largest online payment solution. It has a mobile app from where you can control all your e-payment activities. This makes it easier for you to shop, pay for services or receive money irrespective of your location in the world. You just need to download the PayPal mobile app, login with your PayPal credentials and enjoy e-payment solution while driving, at a restaurant or even in another country.

5) Free of cost

The biggest advantage of using PayPal is that it is free of cost. You will be only charged when paying for services, and the amount is very less. Moreover, sending and receiving money is also free of cost. Best of all, PayPal’s user interface is extremely convenient.

Unfortunately, there are a few countries in which PayPal isn’t offering its services. Pakistan is one of those countries, but still you can check out how to get verified PayPal in Pakistan. This guide can help you to have your own PayPal account even if it is not available in Pakistan.

Overall, PayPal has many advantages. You will never have to worry about online payments again. Just signup for a PayPal account today and start enjoying the great benefits.

Free Ways To Communicate With Family

The most precious thing in every individual life is normally people, who are close to him foremost are definitely our families. For the reason that these are the one who remains constantly there for you in every way to help support you to be a better and successful human being – in this vein, they sacrifice a lot so that you could achieve and gain in life what you desire the most. Therefore, it’s important to give back to them what they deserve from you by any means even if it is just perpetual communication regarding every aspect of life – where you need guidance.

Communication ways of people living abroad

So, for this purpose for remaining in contact with your family, if you travel often out of station or either permanently settled far away from your family – there are lots of freeways available now days to communicate with your family back home aptly. Like, countless Pakistanis make use of free SMS to Pakistan feature offered online to say what they want to say to their family members even from overseas.

Modern Day Free Communication Ways:

In this current day and age, we have come a long way as far as the technology tools available for us now to get connected with anyone, from anywhere, at any time. The scenario has changed drastically since the last decade or so, in view of the fact that the firstly heavy internet proliferation took place, then telecommunication brought revolution in how people use to make contact with others before and the most recent one is the Smartphone’s inspection and unbelievable modernization with immense penetration.

Therefore, now all thanks to all above cited growth of technologies, now there are plenty of free, easy to access and use ways available to communicate with people you want. Let me extract some of the easiest and free means to communicate with people you like as I was hinting toward Smartphone modernization, it happened not only in the form of continuous updated in operating systems – but actually their applications have made them the most unique, handy device of today. These, apps developed and available for all leading Smartphone platforms, including most used Android, Apple iOS, and for Windows Phones as well. There are several communication category apps out there available for free for every user, like popular WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Messenger by Facebook and some other leading one. All these apps let user to send free instant messages as well as allow them to make quality free voice calls as well to any other registered users with the same application.

On the other hand, how can we forget the internet driven websites most importantly the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. These renowned social networking websites also permit their users to communicate with their family and friends and even any other people through their offered features for free. To use these apps you are just required to just sign up and kick start making communication with people you want and utter your thoughts adequately – just requiring a working internet connection.

Thus, if the modern day technology has made it so simple and free of charge to communicate with people you love and care the most, then why not utilize them – to show your possessiveness towards them.

Study: Internet Users Spend Hefty Time Using Facebook Owned Services Including WhatsApp

According to a study made by the UK’s communication regulator known as ofcom, who determined the internet data usage preferences and gadget usage pattern – revealed that Facebook owned websites and Smartphone apps are most popular amongst users. Although, these stats are gathered from UK base users only, but if we gaze at other countries internet and Smartphone user preference we bet the results would also be similar. The reason of this endeavor that millions of users spend plenty of time using these web and Smartphone base services which include WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Comscore FB and Whatsapp Stats

Millions of users are in love with these Facebook own services because they offer such amazing feature that you don’t find from any other enterprise. Take the example of WhatsApp, this one app has become so popular that every Smartphone user has a registered profile on it and its user base has climbed up to 850 million – and still growing. The features which make Facebook owned WhatsApp so popular is its utility communication features as well as status posting option that lets users to set cool Whatsapp status on their profiles.

Coming back to this recent study the figures are staggering, showing that only in the Month of March 2015, internet users from UK spent 51 billion minutes on Facebook own services from their PCs Smartphone’s and tablets. On the other hand, tech giant Google services encompassed attention of UK users for only 34 billion minutes, which is a hell of a difference in comparison with Facebook owned services.

Furthermore, it merits mention here that WhatsApp was the most downloaded iOS and Android Play Store app in this time period, when the study was made in Mach 2015 in the UK. And following most downloaded ones were Facebook and Facebook Messenger, which are obviously owned by Facebook as well. The study then also told that Facebook remained to be the biggest social network that got 40.7 million unique visitors in the UK during the month of April 2015. Keep in view that Twitter, which is another popular micro blogging social site – it only managed to persuade 21.6 million unique visitors in this time.

Source: ComScore

Mubarak Tower Peshawar Location and Booking Details

The news was first published at Pakistan property news website, we are just republishing it with their permission.

Mubarak Tower is a state of the art skillfully architect, commercial project that is being launched freshly – under renowned Star Marketing umbrella. The project looks promising, as per its announced features and will be one of the Peshawar cities contemporary real estate project having amenities that few other projects encompass. The project promises to make available most luxurious and commercially viable shops and showrooms for investors who want to establish their business at the most doable location of Peshawar city.

Mubarak Tower Peshawar


This marvelously planned and architect project is ideally placed at the most viable location of provincial capital Peshawar on the verge of the Qissa Khwani Bazaar Road. Moreover, famous GT Road and Andar Shehr Chowk Yadgaar are also to be found in close proximity to Mubarak Tower Peshawar. Other than this significant development like Lady Reading Hospital, Sky Pharmacy and Qila Bala Hisar are located in extreme nearness to this newly launched project named Mubarak Tower.

The above cited location clears the fact the project is perfectly positioned on the most dominant location of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s capital Peshawar – making it more beneficial investment opportunity for prospective clients.

Booking Details:

The developer of the project is furnishing a persuading offer of instant possession for the investors who will only pay the 10% booking amount. Furthermore, then the remaining amount could be paid in 18 months easy installments.

The above cited booking details makes the project feasible for investors who want to acquire possession of their booked properties in Mubarak Tower Peshawar, soon after booking to utilize it for business purpose. Also the facility of paying the complete amount of the any booked property in coming 1.5 years starched installment plan makes it preferable for investors who can’t afford to pay complete amounts at once.


As we have enlightened our esteem readers above regarding important aspects of this newly-flanged Mubarak Tower Peshawar – which is the best commercial real estate venture launched in the city of late. The project comprises of highly viable properties in such affordable prices that too with 18 month installment plan for entire payments. All these aspects on top of its top notch location at the heart of the city makes this project more workable for its prospective customers to set up and amplify their businesses in minimal time.

So, people looking for best commercial investment opportunities in Peshawar city must consider this genuine and practical Mubarak Tower as their prime choice. Because project like these are developed very rarely in cities like Peshawar having all modern utilities alongside reasonably priced properties.

Best Use of Corporate SMS in Pakistan

Marketing has become the most influential part of the promotion of any business or services. And the most results oriented modern way of doing it is the apt use of SMS marketing. As the telecommunication services has penetrated into our everyday life, which lets us make contact anyone through mobile phone by calling, SMS or even using mobile internet. On the other hand, businesses have also started getting assistance from telecom services for promoting their products. Like, now a days we come across millions of branded and non-branded marketing, SMS from various brands are sent every day to broadcast their latest promotions instantly. This is the most immediate form of direct marketing using the medium of telecom service.

Best Use of Corporate SMS in Pakistan

If we talk about the use of branded SMS in Karachi, it’s basically designed for gigantic companies, whether they belong to services sector or from the manufacturing sector. This SMS service can be used by the corporate clients for getting connected with their own employees, management as well as their clients. The most appropriate way to utilize this service is to send any significant announcement regarding the company’s policy or any other sort of official declaration.

On the other hand, SMS for corporate enterprises can also be acquired for sending promotional text messages to existing and prospective customers. For that matter, there are two different kinds of marketing SMS exists known as branded SMS and non-branded SMS. But the most recommended one is branded, which allows clients to make bulk marketing, SMS campaigns through your own brand names masking as a sender. This technique for obvious reason has a lot more authenticity and acceptance in the eyes of the SMS recipient. For the reason, if a promotional SMS sent would contains company or brand name as a sender it definitely encompass much more scope for a response from the customer’s side. Because, customers now days due to so many fake and fraudulent activities via SMS – does not easily believe any marketing SMS without a brand name.

Nevertheless, if you want to use business SMS for official purposes for enlightening your clients for any significant announcement, it is necessary that you utilize Corporate SMS marketing service. Because, it lets you send regular updated regarding important announcements. Moreover, corporate clients who also had to circulate notifications regarding upcoming events and meetings with their staff and management in that case corporate SMS comes into play. Even client can himself send SMS to people they want to through offering API that also allows them to make this sending automated by connecting it to another server or database.

Thus, SMS marketing is the best instant and affordable way to keep in touch with your customers no matter wherever they are. And also has massive potential of persuading them and for keeping them updated about all your latest promotions – to get more clientage boosting your sales.