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Top Free Internet Services Ever [Updated December, 2017]

Free Internet Service

The internet is the most common technology in this day and age that is now being used by billions of people all across the globe. Internet is basically a worldwide system of interconnected computer networks that link billions of devices worldwide. Now people use to say that the internet belongs to everyone, it has revolutionized the whole mankind life circle. Therefore, these days internet has become an obligatory need or should I say basic human need. For the reason that the internet has so much to offer and host plenty of free internet services, which allow its users to access and perform countless things via it while sitting anywhere at any time – just needing working internet connectivity alongside the source devices (Compute, Mobile Phone, Tablet).

Social Networking:

Now day’s social networking has evolved as a gigantic phenomenon ever since Facebook was launched in 2004, which is now being used by 1.44 billion monthly active users recorded in March 31, 2015. After Facebook a micro blogging site Twitter also becomes an instant hit social networking internet hosted free service – since its launching in 2006. Although, there are several other social networking portals are also available for user to use for free, but Facebook is the most used social networking platforms because of its offered features. The features like instant chatting, messaging, getting instant notification of latest activity of your friends or likes pages makes it the most amazing free internet social networking platform allowing its users to connect with any other registered user.

Audio and Video Hosting:

YouTube is the most used video hosting, free internet service that is being used by billion of users, providing the hosting facility for millions of registered users to upload any video content as well as viewing facility to any internet users with even registering on it. The internet also provides free audio streaming services as well, which is offered by various popular sites like Spotify, SoundCloud. These websites allow its user to upload and listen to any audio song or other kind of audio files they like for free.


Free SMS to Pakistan

Free SMS Sending:

Amongst many other free internet services there are some handy free SMS websites are also available for any user to get access and send free SMS to Pakistan to any network. Not only in Pakistan, there are some other websites also exists online, which lets its users to send free SMS to various other countries mobile numbers as well. This internet based service is one of the most handy one for the reason that its users to send free SMS internationally that too for free.

Download Services:

Sites like dropbox, Google drive and others are a great way to download files for free. You’re not required to download with torrents always, just download files using idm crack and enjoy everything freely.

Email Services:

Email service was introduced in the year 1993 that has now become one of the most required official and unofficial methods to exchange digital messages using internet. Now there are many email service providers are offering free of charge email accounts, however, most used one are Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

Ending Thoughts:

Above mentioned ones are just few of the noteworthy free internet services available for any users, there are plenty of other, which offers most useful various category services to users to extract benefit out of them as per their consent.

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